Rosenberg Calvin Jacksonville Attorneys 554 Lomax Street Jacksonville FL 32204 (904) 354-4680At Rosenberg Calvin, P.A., we will provide the legal advice to help you make smart and informed decisions about your case.  Personal injury and insurance claims are among the most complex cases to navigate.  We will use our experience to look out for your best interests and help you pursue the legal remedies available to you.  

A Personal Approach to Personal Injury Litigation

At Rosenberg Calvin, P.A., you get high-quality legal representation with a personal touch.  Not only are we experienced litigators, we are committed to being accessible to our clients.  We make it a priority to keep our clients apprised of their claim’s progress and fully informed of their legal options. It is our relationship with clients that sets apart from many other personal injury law firms.

Experience Counts

We are AV-rated attorneys who take on a limited number of personal injury cases, so that we can devote our time and attention to the cases we do accept.  This practice enables us to give our clients and their cases the time and attention they deserve.  Our clients benefit from our considerable negotiation and litigation experience.

There is a great deal more involved in litigation than the trial itself. In fact, most of the time, it is better for clients to resolve a case prior to reaching trial.  As such, it is critical for your lawyer to be fully engaged from the beginning of the process.  Before a lawsuit is even filed, we will pursue your claim against the insurance company.  Based on our considerable experience, we can help protect you from common tactics employed by some of these companies to reduce their payout to you.  We know how to negotiate with insurance companies to maximize your recovery, how to mediate aggressively to reach an agreement, how to prepare a case for trial, and how to take your case to a jury.

Experienced and Respected Advocate

Many insurance claim adjusters seek to resolve your claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible.   Those adjusters do not consider the long-term effects of your injury on you and your family.  You need a lawyer who has the legal skills and resources to stand up for your rights.   We have been successfully helping people deal with insurance companies for over 15 years.  Our professional track record in personal injury cases has an impact on how an insurance company addresses your claim.  Our AV rating shows that we are recognized by our peers for both our legal ability and ethical standards.   We provide our clients with the guidance they need to produce the results they deserve. We can be tough when the situation warrants but we are just as willing to use cooperation to reach a beneficial result.

Knowledgeable Advisors

Dealing with a personal injury is difficult enough.  Not only do you have to undergo on-going medical treatments, but you are not getting paid for missed days of work.   As the days turn into weeks, it makes it more difficult to keep up with the expenses.   Help is available to you through federal and state assistance programs, social security disability benefits, and other independent assistance resources.   If your insurance denies you benefits, We can help you sort through your legal options.  We can also help to make sure that your physician is in good standing with the state of Florida.  You can check on your physician’s credentials here.   Your health is the top priority and it is essential that you see a reputable physician.

Personal Approach

As attorneys, we take on only a limited number of cases so that we can devote our time and resources to the particular cases we do accept.   We are always available to our clients if they have questions or concerns.  We also make it a point to keep our clients in the loop.  We and our staff will let you know whenever we make progress on your case.   If both of us happen to be unavailable when you call, we will return your call in a timely manner.   Our clients seem to appreciate this level of accessibility. We have found that communication is essential in order to maximize results.   As a result, we make it a priority to keep you informed as your case progresses.   We are happy to provide referrals from satisfied clients upon request.

Convenient Location

Our office is handicap accessible and conveniently located near Five Points in the Riverside area of Jacksonville, which is very close to downtown without the hassles generally associated with downtown.  There is plenty of parking available, and we are always willing to meet with you at your convenience.

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AV-rated personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Because we negotiate every case ourselves, we have developed unique reputations for providing superior personal attention to each client while obtaining outstanding results.  We are AV-rated personal injury lawyers—the highest peer rating obtainable for legal ability and ethical standards.  Contact our law office by phone or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.